Who is GFI Academy?

At Global Football Innovation Academy we're convinced that the game of life is won from the foundations. Those foundations that make solid, complete, and competitive players because we develop them comprehensively so that instead of aiming for the stars, they become one of them.

We believe that we can empower players to reach their full potential, both as players and people, by providing them with access to the best resources, facilities, experiences and support. We bring them to the next level thanks to our GFI Players Centric Methodology. A philosophy that involves fundamental values that define the way we build each player.

Our players improve and learn how to become a professional by training with top coaches with international experience and professional coaching licenses from UEFA and USSF.

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Who is CF Fuenlabrada?

Club de Fútbol Fuenlabrada, S.A.D. is a football club based in Madrid, Spain. The club currently competes  in Primera División RFEF – Group 1,
the third tier of the Spanish league system. Founded in in 1975, the  club hosts home matches at the Estadio Fernando Torres. 

The origins of the creation of the Fuenlabrada Football Club date back to the year 1.975. At that time there were two emblematic and
representative clubs of the town, C.D. St Stephen and the Fuenlabrada Sports Group, which had been created shortly before. Both lived in harmony and were supported by the town hall on an equal basis. The idea arose from the then mayor of the town, Regino Beneítez, who suggested to
the directors of both clubs the merger to join forces, receive a greater municipal subsidy and create a single club, representative of a city that was already beginning to give symptoms of growth.

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How can I find out more about the schools curriculum's?
What is the application process?

Prospective players start by submitting an online application through the Playmetrics portal, accessible at the bottom of each page of the specific program. In Playmetrics, players provide all necessary information and customize their application accordingly. If requested, a separate financial aid application will be sent out afterwards. Players can use this application to apply for financial aid to help fund their program.

After the application is reviewed, candidates will receive an official acceptance letter with further enrollment instructions and program details. Our goal is to ensure every participant is well-prepared to excel in our rigorous and supportive soccer training environment.

How do I apply for financial Aid?

Financial aid is available for eligible candidates who apply early enough for application review. During the application process into the program, you will be asked if you need to apply for financial aid.

You must complete the separate financial aid application and submit all requested documents to be considered for aid. Once you have submitted your request, our financial department will review your application and apply the appropriate amount to your account.

What are the prices?

Pricing information for the HomeStay Program can be found on page 16 of the GFI Boarding Programs Booklet or on the HomeStay Tuition page.

Pricing information for the European Academy can be found on page 27 of the GFI Boarding Programs Booklet or on the European Academy Tuition page.

Our Boarding School will be available soon.

Where will my child go for excursions?

For the HomeStay program, there are numerous opportunities for your child to explore The Woodlands and Houston. You can find popular tourist attractions for both locations in the resources footer menu on our website. Final decisions on the specific places your child will visit with GFI Academy will be made up to a month before the program begins, and you will be notified via email.

For the European Academy program, your child will have weekends free to explore the vibrant city of Madrid. During this time, they can visit various cultural and historical landmarks, enjoy local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the rich Spanish culture. Click here to discover popular tourist destinations in Madrid.

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