Where will I stay?

When your child participates in the HomeStay program, they will live with host families who have players in the club and are actively involved in the GFI Academy community. These families will provide a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring your child receives the best care throughout their stay.

the woodlands, houston, tx

Experience the best of both worlds with our accommodation program, where you will reside in the charming community of The Woodlands, just a step away from Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Renowned regionally, nationally, and internationally for its excellent shopping, convention, and leisure options, The Woodlands offers a vibrant and welcoming environment. It is also recognized as one of the safest cities in the United States.

Meanwhile, Houston, the bustling heart of Texas, pulses with the energy and diversity of a cosmopolitan population. Its lively residents and dynamic cultural scene attract people from all corners of the world. Rest assured, your child will never experience a dull moment in the most vibrant city in the United States. With an abundance of amenities, activities, parks, and events, living here is sure to captivate their hearts.


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